Expert Dog Training and Nutrition delivered to your door

Simba's Tail offers agility training for dogs of all shapes and sizes. We have Intro, Advanced and Reactive classes where dogs and owners work out and train their dogs to get along with others. This is where serious owners / handlers build a strong bond and understanding through hard work and repetition.

What we do

Our goal is to help dog owners achieve and maintain a happy healthy relationship with their dog. With some basic commands and understanding plus the right nutrition the years you spend with your dog can truly be special.

Our story

Simba's tail was inspired by the true life story of our "Simba". As a puppy Simba refused food and was found to have liver and stomach issues. Aside from the cost and agony of treatment ( without guarantee of success) My best friend and I decided to do some research. We were looking natural solutions...

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"The in-home training has taught us so much about our small, barky dog. We've learned the importance of positive reinforcement and doing our training homework to get the best results. Alex is very patient with our stubborn pup and it pays off! We're really happy with how well Moose has responded to the training."



"We get our treats and supplements from Alex. He is great with Freddy, who can be anxious and not always friendly. Alex has a way of working with dogs and teaching us how to deal with his behaviors that truly works! I highly recommend him for training and his treat and supplement prices are very good!"


Australian Cattle

"Alex is super patient (with the dog and me!) and we've made great progress with various commands. The training we've received makes us both more relaxed and it's been wonderful to see how well Parker has learned using the various training tips. Alex has also taught me about nutrition for Parker. I highly recommend Alex!"