Our story

Simba's tail was inspired by the true life story of our "Simba". As a puppy Simba refused food and was found to have liver and stomach issues. Aside from the cost and agony of treatment ( without guarantee of success) My best friend and I decided to do some research. We were looking at natural solutions. The answer became very clear very fast. DIET. Yes food makes the world of difference.

From Humans to animals what we eat ( our diet) is crucial for our health and well being. Dogs come from wolves, and have been around for thousands of years. They continue to share one main characteristic, their stomach. Wolves stomachs were made to consume RAW natural products. Zoologists, and professional animal handlers try to emulate the natural diet that animals would encounter in real life by feeding them RAW real products.

They know that their stomachs were not made to process Kibble and other manufactured products. Same goes for bones and treats. Humans may enjoy smoked foods, but animals would never encounter that in the wild so they are not capable of processing those foods. So the solution for Simba became quite clear, RAW foods. We started with goat's milk (for dogs not human grade) and added in raw Beef, Chicken, Salmon, and Turkey.

The results speak for themselves. Which is how and why Simba became the spokes dog for the company. One and a half years later Simba got a new brother Bernie who has been on a RAW diet his entire life. All of the products we sell are both tested and approved by Simba and Bernie.